Commerical Construction

We specialize in commercial construction for the cellular industries with the erection of Cell Phone Towers and Masts for all the major cellular service providers. We also offer office and business refurbishments and builds to meet your needs.


Location: Midrand, Johannesburg
Type: Mono Pole
Height: 30 meters

Forest Hill

Location: South Of Johannesburg

Civils and construction of bases for cell phone towers.

We prepare the ground for the erection of cell phone towers.

Site evaluation or surveys are done on each and every site to take into account, the physical location, terrain, accessibility, safety and working environment.

In preparing the site, core samples of soil are taken for testing and analysis, which ensure that the stability of the site is suitable for the construction undertaken.

Construction starts with the site excavation where the site is dug to the required depth, and the construction of the foundation can begin.

Once the foundation is set, steel framed concrete blocks are built which include all electricity sleeves and services.

All work is done in strict accordance with structural engineers to ensure that all aspects of the build comply with safety regulations and industry standards.

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